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What's left to give up?

Posted Monday, February 28, 2011, at 3:25 PM

They say that change is good... I'm not so sure.

I am good with changing my socks or even changing bed sheets, but changing my lifestyle to accommodate the rising cost of virtually everything is taking a toll.

I can deal with not buying that extra package of special treats, not visiting the hairdresser, even carrying my lunch versus stopping by my favorite fast food joint, but where do we draw the line? Who is control of the rising cost of everything?

I get the rising cost of fruit and veggies, thanks to Mother Nature sending a frigid blow down south. I don't know about you, but I can't swallow spending over $4 a pound for grapes. I love the tantalizing fruits, but that would mean that I would have to cut out other items such as milk to justify that purchase. I am by no means blaming the producers nor the grocery stores, they have no control over what Mother Nature has done to our produce.

However, to get to the grocery store we need gasoline. I am finding that I am getting less gas for more money. A few weeks ago I was boycotting by only putting in $20 worth of liquid gold into my gas tank. Well that didn't last long, $20 won't get you far now. Many of us give up our few extra things, just to get back and forth to work.

I hear now that clothing, electronics, virtually everything that we use our hard earned money to buy will be taking a hike in cost. I sit here complaining, and I have a full time job. My fear is for those without a good job at the moment. How will they make ends meet now? What is life going to be like for those that have given up all simple pleasures just to survive?

I can handle a few changes in my lifestyle, but how much will we have to give up just to buy that gallon of milk, that gallon of gas? I am not tossing blame on anyone... well maybe I will. It seems that the "cost of living" raises for many do not cover even one grape in the pound that we cannot afford. Small businesses are just trying to stay afloat, the blame lies on the top officials that sit in their easy chairs in our nation's capital.

We were all for "Change" but at what cost? I challenge Mr. Obama to live on $30,000 a year or less like a lot of Americans do. Try walking into a grocery store and purchase enough food to feed a family of four for a week or two. Try buying decent clothing for your family with what is left at the end of the month after paying the rising cost of heating your home and the rest. Maybe most of us can cut back on things, but when people are passing on their prescriptions or going to the doctor to pay the basic survival bills, it's gone too far. Washington has its blinders on - it's time for them to see how their people are living, and sacrificing all of their "extras" that make life enjoyable.

We all are able to cut back at some point or another, but cutting back does not mean that we should suffer through passing on prescriptions or going to the doctor when we are sick. Someone needs to take a look at how we as a nation are living...I think that Washington has blinders on and it is time to remove them and take a look at how those that depend on them are living. Time for them to "Change" and give us a chance to enjoy even the simple things.

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