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Naughty or Nice list

Posted Monday, December 20, 2010, at 4:05 PM

It seems that not only children get giddy and all crazy as Christmas arrives, I am finding out that pets get just as unruly. The only difference is that the Elf on a Shelf or the threat of no gifts means nothing to our four legged furry friends.

It all started one evening as we arrived back home following a company Christmas gathering. We had such a great time and were in such great moods as we walked through the door. The moods soon turned to amazement and yes even a bit of anger once we figured out that Macie, our 2 year old black lab, had eaten three dozen chocolate chip cookies that I had baked; and yes they were tucked back behind a bowl on the counter. You ask how do we know this... evidence was in the torn baggie that was laying on the floor. It didn't stop there. It seemed as though eating three dozen cookies makes a pooch thirsty. Somehow the toilet seat was down; my guess that in her hyper state from the sugar that she had ingested that she got all excited and knocked it down, so knowing that there had to be a few droplets of water in the shower, tore the shower curtain down trying to get to the wet stuff that may have been dripping from the faucet.

She has never done anything like that before. My husband was mortified, those were his home made chocolate chip cookies that he was so careful to portion out so that they had lasted longer. No cookies for him on this night.

Thinking that was just an isolated incident, the next morning I had left Macie in the house. It was too cold outside, so I gave her free reign because she is such a good girl...WRONG! It seems that Macie was a bit curious about what was under the Christmas tree and proceeded to pull everything out from underneath and open as many as she could. Did I mention that she destroyed a few things that the granddaughters had picked out for their mothers? Well let's just say that grandma is making another trip to replace the items that were found shredded throughout my living and dining rooms. Did I also mention that she consumed a box of Charleston Chews that were in a gift, she ate wrapping paper that was still on a roll and she even found her Christmas gift that had not yet been wrapped but was hidden in one of the bedrooms and she brought that out and chewed it up tag and all?

I know that chocolate is bad for dogs and would not knowingly give her any. This canine chick loves chocolate I guess and will do anything to find some. Needless to say, there is no more free reign, no more Macie left in the house without supervision. And worst of all... Santa will not leave this naughty little girl any gifts underneath the tree. Macie is listed on Santa's naughty list.

You may think that I am exaggerating regarding the mess that was left following our Macie rampage, I'm not. If anything I have not shared with you the total destruction. I don't want anyone to think that Macie is totally a bad dog. That would be like saying that when a child rummages through the gifts and opens them out of curiosity that they are complete terrorists. Curiosity gets the best of all of us, especially at Christmas time. I guess that our pets, who we consider part of the family, are no different.

Macie didn't learn a lesson, but perhaps I did.

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