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Losing a Best Friend

Posted Monday, August 2, 2010, at 12:11 PM

Whom ever coined the phrase "Man's best friend" must have had hindsight to the relationship that my husband had with our dog Lucy.

We had decided to move to a farm and the decision to find a farm dog had been agreed upon. What type of dog however was another issue. It seems that good things come to those who wait because we just had so many opposing opinions, that we couldn't make a decision. For some unknown reason, our prayers had been answered and the arguing had ceased. Nestled next to a black male Labradoodle was this little red female in a truck of a car, on a lot where the owners were desperately trying to rid themselves of so many puppies.

Her given name was Lucy and with that being said, the little red haired Labradoodle remained Lucy. It was a fitting name for a rambunctious red head. She may have had a lot of energy, but she was also a very intelligent little lady. Throughout the potty training time frame, she had two accidents in the house and that was all. She learned the simple commands of sit, shake and high five so quickly and every now and then she would even figure out that no meant no.

Lucy instantly latched on to my husband and the rest as they say is history. I joked at times that he loved her more than I...sometimes it wasn't a joke though. They would play until all hours of the night, she would pick up a ball as soon as he would call her name, as she had waited all day for him to come home. He would share his cereal milk with her, he would take her on a drive, pop into Car Go and grab an ice cream cone for them to share. There was nothing that he wouldn't share with her, outside of chocolate of course. There was a bond between the two that only they could understand. Was I ever jealous, sometimes I must say yes I was.

But as we were blessed to have found her, we were cursed to have lost her. We had only been gone for an hour or so and upon arrival back home, there was no Lucy waiting for us at the garage, to turn her head as to ignore us until we called her name...she had an attitude that girl. We searched for over an hour in the dark, taking flashlights and combing the ditches hoping not to find her body laying lifeless in one. We searched right away in the morning, I searched for hours until Craig arrived home, then we looked some more. We were not alone in our search, a few of the girls came up to help.

While the granddaughters stayed at the house to make posters to hang up "around the world" as Kenna kept repeating, the adults kept looking. Craig's phone rang and he kept repeating, "ok", "ok". It was the girls, they had found her, sadly though she had been hit and lay dead along busy Highway 10. My heart skipped a beat or two and immediately the tears and sobs had begun. Why was she down there and how could this happen to our Lucy?

We gathered our pooch from the spot where she had met her demise and took her home to be with the other two pets that inhabit our cometary. We buried her with the blue ball and the posters and even a few ropes that she had destroyed. With the sadness of the death of Lucy came a sadness in my husbands eyes. He had lost his best friend, and I could not fix this. I felt the pain of loosing our family pet, but he felt the pain of loosing a part of himself.

We recently made a trip to a shelter to perhaps aid in the pain, there was not one dog that he connected with. I know that there will come a time where he will once again toss a ball to a four legged friend and once again the attention will solely go to that friend, until that time though, I can only hope that he is satisfied with sharing his cookies and cereal milk with me.

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