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What's Bugging Me

Posted Monday, July 19, 2010, at 8:10 AM

As if the large amount of snow and as of late the treacherous rains weren't enough to plague our everyday lives, the remnants of such an enormous amount of moisture has left us with critters that plague our everyday lives!

First came the earwigs...what is it with this name anyway? Do they even resemble an ear...no, unless Mr. Spock has grown a set of pinchers on those pointed ears of his. And wig...I see no evidence of any type of hair on this incredible bothersome insect. Granted I try not to get too close to the extremely strange looking critter. I would rather stomp on the ugly insect rather than pick it up and study it.

On to the the next bothersome and sometimes incredibly itchy type of insect... the gnat! Why is it though that we spell it as we do? What does the "g" have to do with the "nat" part of the biting pest? Was it that someone was looking for a name for a critter that can be found in huge swarms in every yard in these darned parts? "G nat seen nuttin like them there little fellers before." Or perhaps it could've started as a typo and the name stuck, just as the swarms stick to your clothing, in your hair and to every screen in the house!

Let us not forget the ever popular mosquito. You know those things that love to land, and leave welts larger than a golf ball? It seems that with the rain comes the perfect environment for the pests to lay their eggs so that more and more welts can be found on every human in a 50 mile radius of the ponds that have filled every field in a 100 mile radius of our area. Cripes nothing worse than stepping out of the door and having thousands of buzzing skeeters taking turns nibbling on one's flesh.

I have resorted to using an array of products to fend myself from every buzzing little insect that invades my space. I use Absorbine Jr. for the gnats, vanilla to help not only with the gnats but the skeeters too. And to make sure that I stay safe I use a bit of bug repellent to top it Off. Ask me if these products work...well not really. For some reason I am still swarmed by the noisy buzzing beasts and am unable to enjoy the outdoor space that I call home.

So we not only are left scratching our heads on why we are being dumped on by all this rain, but also scratching every inch of our bodies due to bug bites. When will it all subside to where we can swat a simple skeeter from our arm and pick up a wet towel without a creepy pinchy thing hanging out on it? Wow, is this what we are left with; beautiful yards and crops due to the abundance of moisture, but stuck inside admiring them through our closed windows? Give me a break!

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