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Poo chronicles

Posted Tuesday, March 16, 2010, at 12:58 PM

I had thought that my days of potty training were far behind me, but alas...a Grandma's job is never done.

I have no recollection of my momentous potty training years, only that we had some sort of seat that sat on top of the toilet. It was made of hard plastic and had a long footrest on it. I remember seeing it in the bathroom while growing up , don't remember using it though. What I do remember is my tiny bottom hitting the chilly water as I sunk into the bowl of one of our potties every now and then.

While training my own I would sit the potty chair; made out of wood, complete with a tray for them to sit their drinks and toys on in the living room so that while they sat for sometimes many minutes at a time, they stayed occupied. It seemed that it was the only way to get them to go, give them a book and the potty chair and eventually they would go and get it figured out. No bells and whistles just a good job and a few clapping moments.

Present day potty chairs come equipped with music that plays when potty hits the tub underneath. The toddlers get so excited when the music chimes out from underneath their chairs. The only trouble is getting the rambunctious little ones to sit long enough to learn the ropes of wearing big girl or big boy underwear. It seems that the only way to corral toddlers these days is a bit of bribery or trying to keep them entertained while they try to concentrate on the task on hand.

These days we find that our Hayden has reached the ripe old age of 2 and it is time to get out of the diapers and begin the era of becoming a "big girl". This little stinker has it all figured out, not the potty thing, but how to avoid it, well until this week anyway. It seems that Grandma had picked a great day to visit. Hayden had a pair of panties on, had not pottied at all throughout the morning, but began dancing about while I as there. Mom sat her down on the musical chair and following some coaxing from Grandma, there was music to our ears!

We cheered and clapped and then Grandma sang her rendition of the potty song.

Well it now seems as though that I have started something that I can not stop. Every time Hayden makes music I get a phone call and every time I sing my song. As luck would have it I have been by myself when the calls came in. Thank goodness because it isn't something that the general public would appreciate, me belting out a potty song. Well I was by myself until the other night when she called and Grandpa was sitting there too. I was nervous and attempted to go into another room so that I could sing to Hayden. Low and behold he heard me and laughed so hard that he had tears. I found that quite rude as I was only doing what any grandparent would do, so I made him sing it to her. He butchered my song but was privileged to what I go through as we attempt to get our little chick on the road to becoming a "big girl".

Moral to the story is that we never lose our parenting instincts, and we will do what has to be done to make our little ones as happy as possible, even if it means embarrassing ourselves.

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